GDPR Compliance

Helping businesses across all industry sectors and at all stages of GDPR readiness to become and remain compliant.

Our experience working with SMEs’ senior managers for over 15 years means we know how important it is to develop pragmatic, affordable solutions that can be quickly implemented and efficiently managed.

We understand how difficult compliance projects can be for SMBs. Unlike larger organisations, they usually don’t have spare time available to trawl through all the documentation, work out what is required and develop all the necessary elements to demonstrate compliance.

This is made worse by the fact that most of the legislation requires the same level of compliance as for larger businesses – that is why we have developed a flexible approach to offer SMBs practical advice, tools and policies to fit their requirements.

No matter where you are in your GDPR lifecycle we can help:

1. “We’ve done very little or hardly started”

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – you may not have as much to do as you think and our experienced GDPR consultants can guide you through the process quickly and as pain free as possible!

An initial (free) conversation will allow us to provide guidance on timescales and costs, in many cases we may be able to offer a fixed price so that you can plan with confidence.

We have deep experience across a wide range of industry sectors, so we are very likely to have previously come across many of the business and data challenges that are you facing, allowing us to provide simple, practical solutions – saving you time and money.

2.  “We’ve done a few things but there’s a long way to go”

If you have started the process but are struggling to find the time to push things forward, we can help by:

  • Conducting a high-level audit of your current situation
  • Completing a gap analysis
  • Providing detailed recommendations
  • Working with you to oversee or complete the actions as you require

3. “We’re a long way down the track, but some sense-checking would be helpful”

Sometimes a second opinion is all that is required. If you have completed many or all of the processes, or perhaps there are just a few things where a little external help would add value, you can call on our flexible and pragmatic approach to fill in any gaps, provide reassurance or offer up to date interpretations of the legislation.


We are skilled at working through the complexity of the wide-ranging GDPR legislation and translating the legal requirements into understandable and practical actions that will safeguard SMEs.
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